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Get in Gear Series

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Have your employment circumstances changed due to COVID-19? Take this opportunity to Get in Gear with your Job Search with this self-improvement workshop series.

Find the Motivation, Overcome the Indecision, Build your Confidence and Harness that Positive Attitude so that you are ready to enter the job market as the best version of yourself!

Managing Motivation

The first in our series of four workshops to Get You in Gear, Managing Motivation is designed to help you find the motivation for your goals, and keep that motivation moving - even during a pandemic!

Building Confidence

Before starting the job search, find the confidence within yourself and take a look at what may be holding you back from seeing how great you truly are!


What's a job search without a positive attitude? Discover strategies for finding and keeping a positive attitude. There is nothing an employer values more!

Overcoming Indecision

Designed with those difficult choices in mind, and set as a reminder to make the decision to make a decision this workshop will assist you in making difficult choices, and help you to move forward in your job search.

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